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Trump Says He Is Prepared To Sue THIS Presidential Candidate!!

Another primary election is taking place this Saturday, and Donald Trump is coming out swinging against his biggest rival. Trying get a streak started following the win in New Hampshire, Trump is threatening Cruz with something he’s taken down many others with: a lawsuit.

On Monday during a press conference Donald Trump warned Senator Ted Cruz to either apologize for his campaign’s vicious smears or “I will file charges by the end of the week.”

“He’s a liar… Now, he’ll apologize. But I don’t want the apology after the election. I want it before. And if he doesn’t I am going to bring a lawsuit because in my opinion based on what I’ve learned over the last few days from very top lawyers. He doesn’t even have the right to serve as president or even run as president. He was born in Canada.

On Tuesday Donald Trump went a step further saying he already has a lawyer if he decides to sue Ted Cruz over his eligibility to be president.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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