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Just In! Trump Scores Early Victory In Tuesday’s GOP Primary!


With 5 states set to cast their ballots in the Republican primary today, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has already scored an early morning victory on the Northern Mariana Islands, locking up all 9 delegates.

Trump has a commanding lead in the latest Florida and Illinois polls, and could rack up additional wins in Missouri, Ohio and North Carolina before the day is over. Given that Florida and Ohio are winner-take-all states, Trump could potentially all but secure the nomination by this evening!

From Politico:

Donald Trump has won the Republican caucus in the Northern Mariana Islands, a remote U.S. territory that consists of 15 islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Trump took home 73 percent of the vote and will win all nine delegates, according to Jason Osborne, who was the executive director of the local Republican Party.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz followed behind with 24 percent. Both Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio made barely a blip — Kasich took .02 percent and Rubio .01 percent of 471 total votes.

Osborne previously worked as a senior communications adviser to retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who endorsed Trump last week.

Last week, the governor of the Northern Mariana Islands, Ralph Torres, threw his support behind Trump.

“I encouraged CNMI GOP voters to come out and exercise their right and vote for their preferred presidential nominee. I am overwhelmed by the turnout and their support for my endorsement of Mr. Donald Trump. I thank all the voters for participating in this important process. The attention the CNMI has received this presidential cycle from all the candidates has truly shown that our votes matter,” Torres said in a statement.

Is Donald Trump’s early victory a sign of things to come tonight? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Roger says:

    Roger Lucas Amen to that, please feel free to Paste or rewrite my perspective :- For those who say it’s a vote for ‘Hate’ and that Trump stands for ‘Hate’ you are RIGHT! As the Apostle Paul wrote -“HATE evil ! Cling to what is GOOD” . He hates the evil that illegals are committing,there is no room in the jails (AI Hotels in their eyes!)for non residents We are with DT on that and WILL continue to HATE (treat yourself- go to the dictionary to see what hate stands for,what it really means!) See Romans 12:9 “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good” Note – to cling to something you have to let go of,and move away from something else,in this case evil, the perpetrators of it and their deeds and words. (Except perps are everywhere – they must be registered Legal or sent home, they must be moved, not the sincere folks disturbed) Time to turn the oppositions “ooh you ‘Hate’ that’s not nice!” angle on its head. We, with DT & whoever else, HATE with all that’s in us the evil that ‘illigals’ are doing – wherever we & they are. (their evil deeds are here in the UK also. To all ‘ignoramus’s’ – open your eyes before you open your mouth or write a silly sign. NB every time I type DT I get cut off, gremlins? Ha! I past this!

  2. Rose says:


  3. Malissa says:

    Lord, I pray it is!!!!!!!!!!! Trump for President!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dottie says:

    So now that the media has determined the winner – – – – why should I even vote?

    1. Burnel says:

      Don’t trust the media.. not even for one minute.