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Trump Just Gave A STERN Warning To Americans About Hillary!

Trump Second Amendment

It baffles me how anyone can hold full support for a woman who’s of such ill-character, that continuously lies to save face and maintain this fantasy persona of innocence toward her advocates!?

Donald Trump is criticized for every little thing imaginable by the biased liberal media with misconstrued statements and ploys to conceal all the corruption in politics she stands for. And her supporters have become so narrow-minded with a tunnel vision perspective.

The Dems and whatever other organization wants to partake in the leftist collusion to protect that crooked wench can keep scrutinizing Trump with their water balloon ammunition of opinion, while Trump supporters contradict the accusations with lead bullets; the factual proof and documented evidence that places crooked Hillary at an indisputable fault.

We the people, got sold out by the corrupt political elites. The elites got rich beyond imagination, and the working class is left to fight over the few crumbs that remain. The elites know that there are not even enough crumbs remaining for all the people.

Trump makes a statement and people malign him because of their interpretation of what he said. Hillary’s actions, deceptions, and repeated lies require no subjective interpretation; they are facts.

Why is it that subjective interpretation of a statement is more influential than factual illegal conduct and proven falsehoods?

If “reasonable” people can conclude that Trump was calling for an assassination of Hillary Clinton, I say that “reasonable” people should know that Donald Trump, who has NO record of violent behavior would never in a lifetime call for the assassination of anyone. To think he would is off-the-wall nuts.

I’m so over Republicans supporting Clinton….Why? It obviously is a political benefit to them. Why would anyone vote for that liar!? When people complain about kids, adults, etc who lie to them…don’t complain – She has lied so much, she can’t remember what she has lied about!

H/T- Sean Hannity/Fox News

Aren’t you tired of listening to liberals and conservatives trash Trump with lies and innuendos? Share your voice in the comment section below and let me know what you are thinking.

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