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Trump Shuts Down Black Lives Matter With Three Words


A Black Lives Matter protester interrupted a campaign rally for Donald Trump, and got shut down in a hurry with just three words.

They’re the three words this race-baiting group hates to hear the most.

All. Lives. Matter.

Via The Hill:

Donald Trump told black lives matter protesters who were interrupting his rally in Virginia that “all lives matter.”

“You’re going to hear it once,” Trump said, as the protesters kept shouting. “All lives matter.”

“All lives matter,” he repeated as his crowd cheered.

Check out video of protesters interrupting the Trump rally …

Shortly thereafter, another protester attempted to interrupt.

“Get her out! Get her out!” Trump shouted, “Out! Out! Out!”

Contrast Trump’s reaction to that of former presidential candidate Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders, who both scurried off stage with their tails between their legs when protesters booed them for saying the same thing.

In all, 20-30 protesters were removed from Trump’s rally.

Comment: Do you side with Trump on this issue. Do all lives matter? Share your thoughts below.