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Trump SILENCES Doubters Of His Rally For Veterans


When Donald Trump decided to skip the latest debate, he said he would hold a benefit rally for veterans groups instead.

The Establishment laughed at him and called him ugly names!

But then he delivered THIS!

Via The Hill

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Saturday presented a check for $100,000 to an organization that trains dogs for veterans with PTSD and mobility issues.

Trump gave the check to the Puppy Jake Foundation during a campaign rally in Davenport, Iowa, with Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Three dogs and Puppy Jake representatives came onstage to receive the donation.

“With $100,000, we will be able to raise five dogs,” a representative said.

Trump raised funds for veterans when he skipped the Fox News GOP debate on Thursday, instead holding his own rally.

Trump said he raised $6 million for veterans during the Thursday event.

“That’s more important, frankly, than doing a debate,” Trump said in an interview with “Face the Nation” scheduled to air Sunday.

No word yet on where the other $5.9mil will go. But this should be MORE than enough to silence Trump’s haters…yea right!

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  1. gmhunt says:

    Trump is a democrat trying to act like a Conservative.

  2. Paul says:

    The debate was just a re-hash of the same old hash with moderators asking the same questions that were re-written to sound different…Being a veteran I appreciate the efforts by Donald Trump to do for others in need… Good for him…Anyone paying attention knows where he stands and that he isn’t afraid to speak his mind.