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Trump Slams Obama For Doing THIS Instead Of His Job!


Move over Tiger Woods. Step aside Vijay Singh. There’s one golfer out there who is much more dedicated to his game according to Donald Trump, and he might not be that far off.

During an interview with Jesse Watters, Trump joked that President Obama plays a lot of golf.

“He plays more than most PGA professionals,” Trump said.

Via BizPac Review:

Trump talked about playing golf with Bill Clinton and while admitting the former president plays well, he acknowledged that his own game is not doing so well.

“My games have been good over the years but it’s suffering badly,” he told Watters.

He also got a shot in at President Obama, who is no stranger to a golf course, saying the president’s “golf game should be doing OK.”

“[Obama] plays more than most PGA professionals so his game should be doing OK – my game is suffering,” Trump told Watters. “And you know what; my game will suffer if I get elected because you have to focus – we have so many things to do between the debt and Obamacare and the borders and security and the military and the vets…”

“A lot to do – you can’t be playing too much golf.”

Watch some bits from the Trump interview below:

As if anybody here needs a reminder – But just in case, check out this report on the President going golfing minutes after delivering a statement on an American journalist who was beheaded by ISIS.

Meanwhile, at last count Obama has golfed 248 times since taking office.

Back to the interview – Another funny segment included a quiz from Watters, in which he asked Trump what President Obama’s greatest accomplishment is.

“There are none,” Trump replied.

Comment: Does President Obama golf too much considering the state of affairs throughout the world – veterans not getting proper health care, ISIS terrorism on the rise, a weak American economy, etc.?

Can you think of any accomplishments during Obama’s tenure in office? Share your thoughts below.

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