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After Trump Won #SuperTuesday, He Did Something No Other Winner Has — Must Watch!


Here is video of Donald Trump holding a Press Conference after winning big on Super Tuesday.

This is a first – as far as I know – for a Presidential Candidate, particularly a frontrunner – to take questions from the media at a Press Conference instead of giving a rally speech after winning multiple primaries.

It was very effective. Trump did an outstanding job, answering multiple questions. He once again disavowed the non-existent “David Duke/KKK Endorsement” (he never endorsed Trump).

Trump has now disavowed it multiple times since last Friday when he was first asked about it. Of course, the dishonest media and his dishonest rivals – Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio – will still keep saying he won’t disavow.

That has been a lie for the last four days – and they will continue to lie through their teeth.

Watch the video below:

Trump was very gracious to Ted Cruz, complimenting him multiple times for his win in Texas tonight – although the Cruz people later booed Trump when Ted Cruz congratulated him. Cruz spent his entire speech tonight attacking Trump – as did Rubio.

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Comments on “After Trump Won #SuperTuesday, He Did Something No Other Winner Has — Must Watch!”

  1. Mandm says:

    I watched the whole thing on TV, I could not stand to watch Marko, and Cruz’s victory speech. Very funnie, they used their time to spew garbage about the front runner Donald Trump. Now the shoe is on the other foot, these guys are acting and spewing garbage just like the MOB. Yes, Mexican and Canadian Mobs.