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After Trump’s Teleprompter Broke, He Took Matters Into His Own Hands

trump teleprompter

Donald Trump blew through the GOP primary traveling to cities and speaking to voters without a teleprompter. It seemed to invigorate the masses that a non-politician could stand in front of them, reach into their hearts and pull out why they are mad at the Washington political establishment and say it without a filter.

Trump’s no teleprompter style was not picked up by his political rivals and the more he rode that train, the more people loved him. The media has tried to put Trump in a politician’s box this entire campaign, so when he won the nomination, experts were saying what he did in the primary wouldn’t work in the general election.

trump teleprompter

So Trump started using the teleprompter for policy speeches and then it because more frequent during rallies. This weekend, Trump’s teleprompter┬ádecided it wanted to act up and he decided enough was enough.

From Newsmax:

Donald Trump has said the “shackles” are off him to fight for America the way he wants to, and now he has literally gone off the teleprompter, dismantling his defective ones during a stump speech Friday night in Charlotte, N.C.

“By the way these teleprompters haven’t been working for the last 20 minutes,” Trump told his supporters. “And I actually like my speech better without teleprompters.”

The Trump campaign had been criticized this summer for becoming “unhinged” and “going off prompter,” but the self-proclaimed comeback candidate spoke to that criticism amid his tumultuous week where he has absorbed sexual assault allegations from a growing list of women.

“I like it much better without the teleprompter,” Trump said Friday night. “You know, it’s very funny. I went through 17 very professional politicians [in the Republican primary], top people, and I went without any teleprompters.

Then they said, ‘Well, now, you’re running in the election. You need teleprompters,’ And I like teleprompters; they’re fine, but it’s cooler without it, right? Don’t ya think?”

Trump then ripped Hillary Clinton for staying on prompter in her speeches, “And it’s short and then she goes home and goes to sleep.”

I admit Trump gets in trouble when he is off teleprompter. The media finds the little things in the words he says and turns it against him because he is not a polished politician. But let’s look at that from a voter’s perspective, they don’t want a politician.

Disgruntled voters have been more than happy to listen to Trump tear down the media and political establishment with no filter. The teleprompter just gets in the way.

Do you think Trump should use a teleprompter for the last few weeks of the campaign or should he just talk straight from the heart? Share your voices below int he comment section.

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