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Here’s How Trump Responded To Liberal Media’s Latest Attack On Him!

Trump Times

Freedom of the press is important, by whatever happened to journalistic integrity? The New York Times has turned into a lying lefty Mega Rag. They do not even attempt to be balanced in their reporting of Donald Trump. They have a couple of moderate token reporters on page 10 which is a complete joke.

There are too many anonymous sources out there created out of thin air without the thought of personal responsibility that could do severe damage to a presidential candidate on rumors alone. The New York Times has had it’s shaky relationship with the Trump campaign for months but this time, they’ve gone too far.

Trump Times

From Newsmax:

On Saturday, Donald Trump threatened to revoke the credentials of The New York Times after the newspaper published a report detailing the “failing” effort by Republican Party operatives to “save Mr. Trump from himself.”

On Sunday, the Republican presidential candidate doubled down, slamming the Times on Twitter and vowing never to change.

“The newspaper’s going to hell,” Trump told a rally Saturday at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn. “They’ve got a couple of reporters in that newspaper who are so bad — I mean lack of talent. But it’s going to hell.

“So, I think maybe what we’ll do, maybe we’ll start thinking about taking their press credentials away from them,” the Republican nominee added, drawing cheers from the crowd.

“Maybe we’ll do that. I think so. I think so.

“When they write dishonest stories, we should be a little bit tough, don’t we agree?”

Many in the audience yelled “yeah.”

Trump even took to Twitter to continue his anger:


These newspapers are all on the verge of extinction and have become almost sensational to retain relevancy. Please don’t take them seriously. There are so many great and integral news websites out there where you can get news fairly unbiased…depending on the site.

Here is some advice for Mr. Trump, ignore what these stupid papers say about you, just keep talking about what good you will do to help make this country great again. That’s where you need to focus.

There is no denying Trump has made America come alive again. That’s why Americans will flock to the polls on Election Day to vote for the businessman instead of the politician.

What do you think Trump should do with the NY Times? Should he pull their media credentials? Share your views below in the comment section and let us know what you are thinking.


Comments on “Here’s How Trump Responded To Liberal Media’s Latest Attack On Him!”

  1. Ron says:

    It would have been nice if Trump had been specific about what he feels the Times lied about. But he didn’t. I think all this press bashing and fraud speculation is just a way for him to have prepared excuses for losing the election down the road. It’s like going up against a top opponent you very well may lose to, and complaining about the officiating before the game even starts.