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Here’s the Real Reason a Top Trump Staffer Was Fired

Trump Virginia

Corey Stewart, Trump’s campaign chair in Virginia, was fired by the campaign after the RNC allegedly contacted the Trump campaign about a protest outside the main offices. The reason for the protests was to remind the GOP that the American people still want Trump as the party’s nominee and a united front is better than a split one.

The GOP decided to divert funds away from the Trump campaign because of leaked audio/video by the mainstream media this past weekend. Speaker Paul Ryan even had a phone meeting with House members about not supporting Trump. Stewart said he received a notice that he would be fired if he didn’t shut down the rally.

From Politico:

Corey Stewart, Donald Trump’s Virginia campaign chairman, was fired Monday afternoon for organizing a public protest of the Republican National Committee, which he argued had been insufficiently supportive of Trump’s candidacy.

“They threatened to fire me if I didn’t shut down this rally,” Stewart said in a phone interview. “They had me fired, it’s really that simple.”

He said it was close Trump adviser David Bossie, a Maryland member of the RNC, who demanded his ouster. Bossie wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Stewart described his ouster as “unsurprising” because the campaign and RNC are attempting to present a united front at a time of turmoil for the campaign. He said the protest, which he organized with Virginia Women for Trump, a grassroots group, was an attempt to send a message of defiance to the GOP establishment and encouragement to Trump, who he still supports.

Hours before his firing, just as the protest at RNC headquarters began, Stewart accused the RNC of withholding resources from Trump’s Virginia operation and using the weekend leak of Trump’s sexually aggressive comments about women as a pretense for pulling the plug.

“There are a lot of women here today,” he said. “Of course they’re not happy with Trump’s comments 10 years ago. But they also don’t want to cede the country to a liberal Democrats for four years because Trump made crude comments 10 years ago. The establishment doesn’t want to relinquish control over the party.”

Trump Virginia

Stewart felt like his dismissal was at the hands of the RNC and if that’s the case, that’s a damn shame. A lot of Twitter activists were not happy at this development:

Hopefully, he can be reinstated but that’s not looking too good right now. His heart was in the right place and maybe he should have gotten the go-ahead from the campaign before he did it.

Nevertheless, the rally did go on and it made social media meltdown if only for a couple of hours. Congrats Corey, your heart was in the right place.

Do you think Stewart should have been fired from his post for staging a protest against the GOP/RNC? Do you think he should get his job back? Share your comments below and let us know what you think.

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