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The Trump & Cruz “Bromance” Ends


It looks like it is coming down to Ted Cruz vs Donald Trump.

They are battling each other and getting nasty. And their formerly cozy relationship is cratering

“I guess the bromance is over,” Trump told CNN’s Dana Bash after the debate.

The 2.5-hour event sponsored by Fox Business Network was filled with testy exchanges between the seven candidates on stage. Cruz and Trump are battling for first place in Iowa with less than three weeks until the state’s caucuses, though the businessman has a commanding lead nationally. And with pressure mounting for someone to emerge as an establishment alternative to Trump and Cruz, sparks flew between Marco Rubio and Chris Christie.

The much-anticipated Trump vs. Cruz showdown took a few minutes to materialize — but when it did, it packed a punch.

Cruz forcefully responded to Trump’s accusations that he isn’t eligible to be president because he was born in Canada — a controversy that Trump has only recently embraced.

Via CNN.

Who do you think is gonna come out on top?

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