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Trump Gets TOUGH On Waterboarding! “I Don’t Think….”


As I’m sure you’re all well aware, Donald Trump’s disdain for political correctness is an attractive quality of his. While liberals are afraid to do as much as waterboard suspected terrorists (who we all know would do much worse to us), Trump has assured us during one of the Republican Primary debates in February that he’ll do “much worse” than waterboarding.

Seriously, it would be a gift if terrorists only waterboarded the Americans they capture.

While some have been worried that Trump is going to go weak after he recently did some tweaking on his Muslim ban proposal, but he certainly isn’t on the issue of torture.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump praised waterboarding Tuesday while repeatedly likening a proposed trade deal to rape.

The presumptive GOP nominee asserted that America must “fight fire with fire” when dealing with Islamic State, which has a penchant for beheading and drowning prisoners. He openly praised torture as a way to intimidate terrorists, saying we need to fight “viciously and violently” to combat the threat of terrorism.

“What do you think about waterboarding?” Trump asked his supporters at an Ohio campaign rally.

“I like it a lot. I don’t think it’s tough enough,” he said to a cheering crowd.

The Bush administration banned waterboarding in 2006 as both an illegal and ineffective means of obtaining information. President Barack Obama issued a similar ban in 2009 on the use of waterboarding, asserting it was a “mistake“ and had provided al-Qaida with a recruiting tool.

Yes – apparently we can’t torture terrorists because it’ll just creative more terrorists (who I’m sure are just dying to be captured and waterboarded themselves).
By the way, Al-Qaeda also recruits by telling their Muslim audience about the horrible “Islamophobia” in America. There are ten times as many hate crimes committed against Jews in this country, so clearly the notion that American is an Islamophobic nation isn’t true unless we’re also to believe we’re an anti-Semitic nation.
So yes, liberals have extremely over-exaggerated a nearly non-existent problem that terrorists are using to recruit – and we can’t do anything bad to those recruits because it’ll lead to more recruits.
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