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Trump: When I Win, The War On Christianity Stops!


During last night’s victory celebration, Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, declared that liberals in our country are “chipping away at Christianity,” something he vowed to stop.

“We’re not going to let that happen anymore folks,” Trump said.

In fact, Trump went on to say that the War on Christmas was about to end as well.

“We’re going to start saying Christmas again,” he declared. “The department stores don’t put it up. We’re going to start saying it again. They’re chipping away at Christianity. We can’t do it.”

Listen to Trump’s comments below (relevant portion at about 16:34) …

Late last year, Trump also took a stand against Starbucks for their politically correct ‘holiday’ cups.

Comment: Do you think Donald Trump will win the War on Christmas and have department stores declaring ‘Merry Christmas’ again? Tell us your opinion below.

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Want to support Trump’s fight to save Christmas? Check out this page dedicated to his campaign.



  1. Jordan says:

    Trump is funny, He thinks Christmas is about department stores and starbucks cups. Starbucks elected to put no writing on the cups so they would not have an outdated cup once Christmas was over. They made it clear it was not anti Christmas, it was anti losing money. Pandering is an art and Trump the artist.

  2. Gary says:

    Mr. Trump remember you are a liberal

  3. David says:

    With all the issues facing this nation I would think you could come up with better questions to ask