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AWESOME! How to Catch a Criminal Hillary Supporter in the Act!

Trump yard sign

On Facebook the other day I came across the following post, which I couldn’t help but laugh at.

Trump yard sign

This person must be experiencing levels of cognitive dissonance they didn’t know was possible. It’s hardly surprising though, when the media pushes the narrative that Trump is inciting violence, when in reality all the violence this election has been in one direction: against Trump supporters.

Even smaller acts of aggression, such as vandalism, have only occurred against Trump, but not Hillary. One of his hotels in D.C. was vandalized with “Black Lives Matter” graffiti, and just last week his star at Hollywood’s Walk of Fame was destroyed. On the bright side, the man behind the latter crime may be serving up to three years in jail, so at least he’ll be able to spend some time with the candidate he’s voting for.

The other day, my next-door neighbor had his Trump sign vandalized (which he replaced the next day), but it got me thinking; is there any way to protect yourself against an act of vandalism? As one Trump supporter discovered; yes.

One Donald Trump supporter fought back and laid a trap for an unsuspecting vandal who chose to drive over a few yard signs. A Twitter user posted photos and directions on “How To Catch A Hillary Voter” on Twitter Thursday.

The photos showed a few signs for Trump along a roadside. But one of the signs was a trap as it had been rigged with upright nails driven through a piece of wood.
Another man who had his signs physically ripped out of his lawn decided to begin electrifying his sign…

Admittedly, this is a thousand times more creative than anything I’d come up with!

H/T BizPacReview

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