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Trump’s SuperPac Just DESTROYED Hillary And Obama After Orlando!

Trump SuperPac

I was wondering when somebody was going to do it, and I’m glad somebody has come out and taken on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and what they’re trying to do to cover up the Orlando terrorist attack. Both Clinton and Obama are working behind the scenes along with her attorney general Loretta Lynch to hide the fact once again that America was attacked by an American Muslim, who claimed allegiance to ISIS.

On Monday afternoon Orlando police had a press conference where are a redacted 911 call statement was read to the press. When I heard what they were reading I wondered why are they even releasing this if they’re taking out pertinent information that would help Americans understand exactly what’s going on.

It seems as if this administration along with Congress does not mind keeping the American people in the dark on issues that affect the nation. Well, Donald Trump cares what happens to this nation and he’s getting some help even though he didn’t ask for it. A SuperPAC has come out with a powerful video attacking Obama and Clinton as part of the bottleneck problem to defeat ISIS, as it should be.

Trump SuperPac

From USAToday:

A super PAC supporting Donald Trump released a new ad Monday that seeks to use the Orlando nightclub shooting to make the case for his presidency.

Officials with Great America PAC say they will spend about $700,000 to air the 60-second ad on cable programs nationally and in 10 battleground states. It will air for a little more than three weeks.

The ad, entitled The Enemy, features former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie, who says the nightclub shooting is a reminder that the fight against terrorism has come to U.S. shores. “Join millions of active duty military members and veterans like me who stand with Donald Trump,” he says.

Great America PAC is one of several independent groups scrambling to become the main independent vehicle supporting Trump’s bid. Eric Beach, the PAC’s top fundraiser, said the group raised about $1 million in May. The super PAC is scheduled to file its monthly fundraising report with the Federal Election Commission later today.

Other organizations have cropped up to back Trump’s candidacy, including a new group called, Rebuilding America Now, aligned with a longtime Trump associate, California businessman Tom Barrack. Earlier this month, Barrack said the group had secured $32 million in pledges from donors.

CNN first reported on the new ad from Great America PAC.

Watch the video here:

This was a powerful ad! I am glad they used a military soldier in this video; I am happy with the photos, and I am very ecstatic about the message it gives because whoever watches this video will know that both of these so call leaders are responsible for what is happening in the United States right now.

Great America PAC is the name of the organization that put out this video, and you can look for a lot more to come as that is their primary purpose is to work alongside Trump the rest of the campaign season. By law, he cannot communicate or have any dealings with them, but I’m sure they are ready to know the message, and that is to go after Hillary and go after her very hard.

After watching this video, what do you think of message and will it be effective? Share this on whatever media platform you use to discuss politics and share your opinion below to let me know if give it a thumbs up or thumbs down.


Comments on “Trump’s SuperPac Just DESTROYED Hillary And Obama After Orlando!”

  1. Jonathan says:

    I am also a Veteran and I thank you Superpac for the courage and integrity that you show in your video to try and wake up these so called Americans that feel that Hillary deserves the right to be Commander in Chief. I am a Trump supporter because we need a man with a backbone to help save our country from terrorists. It’s been almost 8 years since we’ve had a man in office.