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The Truth Behind Iran in New Provocative Posters

Warning: Disturbing images.



President Obama and his liberal allies in Congress want America to make a deal with the devil, the devil in this case is Iran. Americans are told that we can somehow trust the regime and their rhetoric, lies, and violent past and present are downplayed for the sake of making an agreement to prevent the country from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Americans with a solid sense of history, and sense, are fighting back. The group IranTruth just released three new satirical travel posters showcasing the brutality of the leadership we are about to enter into an agreement with. The first, above, highlights what happens to homosexuals in Iran who are caught. For the American gay community, “gay rights” means marriage and the ability to use any bakery or photographer they want, regardless of that service provider’s religious beliefs. In Iran, “gay rights” means a basic right to life — to live. You can read a stirring account of what it’s like to be gay in Iran here.

Two other posters were released alongside the one above.

Political prisoners are ruthlessly “hung out” by the regime, living in inhumane conditions and frequently dying in them. Despite the fact that the regime denies their existence, the group Human Rights Watch (HRW) proved them wrong.



What is the consequence for a woman committing adultery, or even sometimes just owning a mobile phone? Stoning. To death.



While American liberal feminists inexplicably throw their support behind the President (even high profile Jewish ones), at least a dozen women in Iran are waiting for their stoning sentence to be carried out.

Is this who America wants to be in cahoots with? Is this who we should be trusting not to develop nuclear weapons? If Iran is this bad now, imagine what it will look like with nuclear capability. It’s not hard to imagine. We made a similar deal with North Korea. This is the result.

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