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WATCH: TSA Agent Caught Red Handed With STOLEN Goods!

Is there anything worse than having to go through the TSA at the airport? It’s such a hassle that I’m surprised flight is still the fastest way to travel. The agency is wildly unpopular among the American public, and according to security tests, they miss 95 percent of weapons that could be smuggled through.

Not only that, but TSA theft isn’t as uncommon as you’d think. Over 400 TSA agents have been fired for theft since 2003, one agent responsible for taking over $800,000 in stolen goods.

One of the agents in question stole an Ipad – but forgot to turn off the tracking feature that most of Apple’s products now have. Look how well that worked out for him…

The idiot probably managed to lose a job and a wife in the same day.

And all he had to do is either put the iPad on airplane mode, turn WiFi off, or disable the tracking device.

Can you believe this? Share if you believe the TSA needs to crackdown on its agents and security. 


Comments on “WATCH: TSA Agent Caught Red Handed With STOLEN Goods!”

  1. JerrynAnn says:

    Obama’s administration appointed fellow criminals to every position they possibly could. That’s what happens when you elect a Muslim traitor to the presidency.