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The TSA Spent $336,000 On What!!? This is Government Waste At Its WORST!


The TSA is incompetent.

But for most of their existence their flaws have been limited to groping passengers and generally just being bad at the whole “civil liberties” thing.

Though of course, being government, they’re also really good at wasting money.

This time to the tune of $336k. And you won’t BELIEVE what they spent it on.

Via Free Beacon:

The Transportation Security Administration paid IBM $336,413.59 for an app that randomly selects right or left when tapped by a TSA agent.
The purpose of the Randomizer app is to randomly choose whether travelers in the TSA Pre-Check lane go left or right. It eliminates the ability of a person to predict which lane they will be assigned to and how to avoid random checks. The app is used in roughly 150 airports.

Bloomberg reported that the app debuted in 2014 when the TSA was forced to take a $100 million cut in its 2016 budget.

Geek also reported that one of the first things a coder learns is how to create a program that generates and outputs random numbers.

So TSA paid THAT MUCH for an app that a college kid could have made for a six-pack?

Government doesn’t care about cost savings. They only care about expanding their power. Even when it comes to telling people WHICH LINE to go to.

Of course, there will be no accountability for this, just another day of “government” doing its job!

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