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BREAKING: Hillary’s Health SCANDAL Just Took A Turn For The Worst!

Hillary Health

After months of dismissing all questions surrounding her state of health as baseless assertions generated by the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” the gig is finally up for Hillary Clinton. On Sunday she feinted after leaving a 9/11 memorial event early.

The campaign quickly cycled through a series of different responses, starting with complete silence and secrecy; to the excuse that she fainted because she “overheated”… in 77-degree weather; to revealing that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days prior, but they had kept this secret until forced to disclose it.

Her campaign claims she’s recovering and has canceled her planned trips in California today and tomorrow so she can instead rest at home in New York…or perhaps spend two full days away from the press while she and her team refine their “story.”

It begs an even bigger question: why wasn’t it made public that she had a pneumonia diagnosis? Why did she continue to campaign, both worsening her health and exposing others to her sickness in the process?

The answer is simple: she planned on lying to the public. She hoped she could remain silent on the issue, and recover before it affected her publicly. That plan didn’t work – and as it turns out, she had gone as far as to forego an ER visit to keep her diagnosis hidden from the public.

Hillary Clinton was headed to an emergency room following her sudden collapse during the Sept. 11 memorial ceremony — but ditched her NYPD escort and detoured to daughter Chelsea Clinton’s apartment to keep details of her medical treatment under wraps, The Post has learned.

Secret Service protocol called for the Democratic presidential nominee be taken to a state-designated Level I Trauma Center in the wake of her Sunday morning health crisis at Ground Zero, sources said.

But a campaign operative decided to change course to avoid treatment by doctors, nurses or other medical workers who could leak details to reporters, a source said.

Clinton’s van was supposed to be escorted by an NYPD protective detail, but the Secret Service whisked her away from Ground Zero before cops could accompany her, another source said.

Well, we all know the truth now. Hillary’s campaign claims that pneumonia is her only health problem, but for a campaign days ago that denied she had any health problems whatsoever, I have my doubts that’s the case.

H/T HotAir

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