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After Terror Attack, Turkey Made A STUNNING Admission To Vladimir Putin!

Turkey Attack

Why write about this? Because it involves Russian President Vladimir Putin. He is the top dog on the world stage right now. Yes, that’s right, Obama plays a backseat to him even in the United States. Remember when Turkey shot down a Russian plane earlier in the year. This was after another plane had been blown from the skies due to a terrorist attack, Putin was furious and Turkey didn’t apologize.

So I do have to wonder what prompted this. Is it the economic toll that Russian sanctions on Turkey are having? Does Tayyip Erdogan want something else? I’m sure he’s not just a nice guy.

What in the world were NATO members thinking when they allowed Turkey to join NATO ? This is NOT a stable nation and is riddled with terrorists and Islamic Radicals. Loyalty is for sure not Turkey’s “Strong Suit.” The west may regret it’s trust of Turkey, and I do hope we have a plan B if they turn on us. Turkey is going to play both sides against the middle, as indicated by his treatment of Putin by Erdogan, and his humble apology.

From Associated Press:

Turkey’s president has apologized to Moscow for the downing of a Russian military jet at the Syrian border, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday.

Putin has received a message from Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressing his “sympathy and deep condolences” to the family of the killed pilot and apologized, Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

Russia reacted with ire after Turkey in November shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber at the Syrian border for allegedly violating its airspace. The Kremlin said it wanted an apology which never came and last year imposed an import ban on selected Turkish foodstuff, halted package tours to Turkey and introduced other restrictive measures that hampered the flourishing bilateral trade and business.

The Kremlin on Monday released the excerpts of Erdogan’s letter.

“I would like to express my sympathy and deep condolences to the family of the dead Russian pilot and I say I’m sorry,” the Kremlin said on its website quoting Erdogan. “I share their pain with all my heart.”

Putin undoubtedly has taken a leadership role in the world much ahead of Obama or self-proclaimed preserve of humanity (Angela Merkel) or Cameron. Putin had very clear objectives about Syria and ISIS right from the start. Hence even when the media and US govt wanted to paint Syria’s Assad in a bad light, Putin supported Assad. Now we all know who the real villains are, it was ISIS.

Obama kept on saying that if Assad uses a chemical weapon, we will destroy Assad. Assad used it, and Obama never followed up. Obama was instead trying to arm Syrian rebels who would ultimately turn out to be ISIS.

Putin was so right. Obama also kept on believing ISIS was some group of thugs and not a real potent force. Putin had no such confusion. Putin at once ordered strikes on ISIS, and it was only then that Obama felt the need to play catch up.

Putin also has very clear views about political correctness. Once an Arab head of state requested Putin to allow construction of a mosque in Moscow. Putin celebrated that head of state and then said, ‘Yes, but we will like to follow up with an Orthodox Church in your kingdom”… soon the Arab head of state withdrew his proposal politely.

Such is the acumen of Putin. What do you think Obama would have done if an Arab head of state asked him to be allowed to make a mosque. Hell… one such mosque is already being built near NY City Ground Zero.

I like Putin because leaders should have a backbone. So it comes as no surprise to me that the Turkish president sees who has a backbone.

How will this effect the region during all the unrest happening over there now? Will Putin take an even larger hold of power now that he’s received an apology? Share your opinions below and add this to your social media platform.