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Watch: TV Anchor’s Shocking Announcement After Co-Host Quit!

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Last week, I covered daytime talk show host Kelly Ripa refusing to go to work after she found out her partner was moving to another on the network 30 minutes before it was leaked publicly. As you know she was angry at her bosses over how the situation was handled.

Ripa decided to take an unannounced sabbatical in conjuncture with an already scheduled vacation which left many of her fans in limbo as to whether she was coming back to the set. Over the weekend, word got out she would be back in the studio on Tuesday for the show.

From USAToday:

Though it had been cast as an anchor feud, Ripa’s beef was more with Disney ABC Television Group, which oversees both GMA and the syndicated Live! with Kelly and Michael, which airs on many top ABC stations.

After Ripa and executive producer Michael Gelman learned of Strahan’s exit Tuesday, just minutes before the news was announced publicly, Ripa was a no-show on Wednesday and Thursday (when Friday’s show was pre-taped). She had a scheduled day off on Monday for a 20th anniversary getaway with her husband, Mark Consuelos. Ana Gasteyer, Erin Andrews and Shay Mitchell were fill-ins.

“It could have been handled better,” says analyst Bill Carroll of Katz Television Group, which advises local stations on syndicated programming. Disney says it will again hold on-air tryouts to replace Strahan, starting in September.

In Strahan, ABC saw opportunity to bolster GMA, which is down 10% this season, and 17% among adults ages 25 to 54, the primary audience for advertisers, while NBC’s Today, which still trails overall, has regained lost ground. He replaced Regis Philbin in 2012, and has been moonlighting as a twice-a-week contributor to GMA since 2014, while continuing as host of Fox NFL Sunday.

Watch the return here:

Many people will say that Ripa went a little too far and was a lot more dramatic about the news. Put yourself in her shoes. Your partner in a company is being promoted, someone you helped recruit, and your boss makes an announcement at a staff meeting without a courtesy call to you. It might catch you off guard and make you question the company’s intentions for you.

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WHAT A MESS! All completely avoidable. It doesn’t seem Ripa is upset Strahan is leaving – she seems humiliated and betrayed that her long time management staff as well as Strahan failed to treat her respectfully and did all of this behind her back. I fault him to an extent, though some might not agree with me.

Either way, I still won’t be watching the show, I have other things to do. But to those who do, have fun.

What do you think of Kelly’s return? Do you think things will be fine for the next few months on set? Will you see a lot of individual time for Kelly and Michael if things don’t work out? Share your thoughts below in our comment section and add this story to your Facebook and Twitter page.



  1. David says:

    This Is Old News She already Is back on the show this is 3 to 4 weeks old.

  2. Diane says:

    NO ONE is indispensible, Kelly. And quite frankly, I could care less.

  3. Corn0554 says:

    I agree both Strahan and ABC were wrong I would be angry too.

  4. Vicvod says:

    Well I think Kelly……….Oh that’s right, I don’t give a flying f#*%.

  5. Gaylord says:

    Strahan has become a Democrat Boot Licker. If any of the three co hosts to be named that have been mentioned, count many out as to watching this show.