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TV Guest Proves Hillary Lied About Benghazi, Gets Silenced! (WATCH)

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Al Sharpton was recently demoted to hosting a weekend show on MSBNC. He’s known as being a Democrat propagandist, not a journalist. And he proved that again when he had guests on to discuss Hillary Clinton’s testimony.

Sharpton had a very lopsided panel. Ultra liberal Salon columnist Joan Walsh and strategist Tara Dowdell joined Sharpton to promote the Democrat talking points and defense of Hillary Clinton. Republican strategist Jessica Proud was the sole panelist challenging Hillary Clinton’s narrative.

Sharpton and the leftist panelists became agitated when Proud pointed out the emails proved Hillary, Susan Rice, and President Obama lied about the Benghazi attack. Hillary’s emails to her family proved that she knew the attacks had nothing to do with the film the Obama administration blamed.

What happened next is why Americans don’t trust the mainstream liberal media:

The Washington Free Beacon reported that when Proud mentioned the facts in the emails, she was immediately shut down, as Sharpton quickly changed the topic.

Proud discussed the security failings surrounding the consulate and then went into the revelation from Clinton’s testimony brought forth through questioning by Rep. Jim Jordan (R., Ohio), who showed through emails that Clinton clearly knew right away it was a planned terrorist attack and not the result of an anti-Muslim video. Nevertheless, Clinton, President Obama and other officials all peddled the line that the attack had resulted from reaction to that video in the ensuing days.

“The second piece, which is the larger one, is the fact that both she and Susan Rice and President Obama lied about the cause of the attack, and that was confirmed by those two emails yesterday,” Proud said.

The mood shifted quickly.

“Well, they [did] 11 hours on this week [sic], but let me move onto the other big news this week,” Sharpton said.

Dowdell looked horrified, and Walsh said, “They absolutely did not … They did not lie.”

“Clearly, they did not establish that yesterday,” Sharpton said. “Let’s go to the other news of the week. Joe Biden announcing that he was not going to run.”

Sharpton clearly can’t debate someone using the facts. The bottom line is those emails do prove that the Obama administration lied. Facing reelection, they needed a scapegoat for their failures, so they blamed the filmmaker.

What would you say to Al Sharpton? Please comment below.

H/T: Free Beacon



  1. Rick says:

    I have a bottle of expensive champagne standing by for the day Al Sharpton dies. What an idiot. Nothing but a worthless turd.

  2. Irene says:


  3. Bill says:

    I truly feel sorry for these people who are so deluded, even though the evidence is clear to even the most challenged mind that Hillary has LIED and DECEIVED as Sec of State! Even back in the 70’s, she was fired from the Watergate Committee by her boss, fellow Democrat Jerry Zeifman, who said Hillary was a Liar! She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the Constitution, the Rules of the House, the Rules of the Committee, and the Rules of Confidentiality! Hillary has had a lot more practice of Lying and Deceiving than even Obama, who is a pathological liar and a criminal sociopath narcissist, same as Hillary.