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TV Host Attacked Willie Over Trump, Then He Said THIS!


“Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson is an outspoken supporter of Donald J. Trump, so when a TV host attacked Willie over his support of the GOP frontrunner, the TV star had an epic comeback!

From Western Journalism:

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson, who has endorsed Donald Trump, said he is able to take the businessman’s controversial comments in stride, noting his father is “Duck Commander” Phil Robertson.

In an interview with the Shreveport Times, Willie explained that he likes Trump’s “no-nonsense attitude. We need somebody tough.” he said.

When asked about the candidate’s tendency to make controversial statements, he laughed and said, “I grew up with Phil, so I’m used to that.”

Among family patriarch Phil Robertson’s, 70, most headline-grabbing remarks is when he called homosexuality a sin and questioned why a man, biologically, would find that form of sex appealing compared to the God-designed way.

A&E suspended the reality star for his remarks, but lifted the ban a little over a week later in response to a strong public show of support for Phil and after the Robertson family made it clear the program would not continue without him.

Willie Robertson feels he has bragging rights as he sees Trump closing in on securing the Republican nomination. Not only his father but all of his brothers — Alan, Jase and Jep — endorsed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

“I’m smiling a little more at the dinner table with the family,” Willie said.

Even if Cruz should pull out an upset victory in Indiana Tuesday night, Robertson believes, “It’s over.” Following Trump’s impressive victories in the northeast last week, the Duck Dynasty star tweeted this picture from Trump Tower.

Willie is a proud patriot and strong supporter of Trump, so his defense of the inevitable GOP nominee is unsurprising but also AWESOME! Please share this story with all your friends and family!!

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