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This TWEET Is Having Many Say Colorado’s Caucus Was RIGGED


This weekend something uncommon but completely legal happened in the primary system; delegates were awarded to a candidate without a single citizen casting a vote.

It’s known that delegates can side with whatever candidate they want despite of how the vote count goes – but it seems particularly insulting to choose a candidate when not a single vote has been cast. Cruz was awarded all 16 delegates in Colorado’s primary.

Many Trump delegates said they were banned and omitted from the ballots. One Trump delegate filmed himself burning his Republican registration after the incident in protest.

What’s outraging some however, is a Tweet sent out from the Colorado GOP’s Twitter account that night appearing to gloat over the incident:


The Tweet was quickly deleted, with the Colorado GOP claiming that their account was hacked. But as The Gateway Pundit points out:

The party deleted the tweet only three minutes after it was posted – meaning they still had control of the account.

It was not hacked – it was a Republican party insider.

Had there been a hacker, he likely would’ve changed the accounts password before making the post, thereby locking the Colorado GOP from their account. It would’ve had to been discovered that the account was hacked, and recovered extremely quick within only a few minutes.

I think it’s more likely they wised up and realize that they threw themselves under the bus.

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