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Two THUGS Try to Jump an 88-Year-Old Man… But He Taught Them a Lesson They’ll NEVER Forget!

A World War II veteran fell back on his army training to fight off two burglars after one of them brandished a knife and demanded cash. 88-year-old Kenneth Brown stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs just 120 pounds but says he “could have done a lot more damage” to the cowardly duo but didn’t want to get in trouble with police.

veteran 45

“They demanded money from me so I walloped one and they ran off,” Mr. Brown said.

“One of them had pulled his sleeve back and I saw a knife. At that point I knew what to do because my army training kicked in. I hit one of them in the chest.”

“I didn’t think about the danger. I told the police I could have done them a lot more damage, but I didn’t want to get on the wrong side of the law. As it was, I spoke to the police and they told me I was defending myself. I had no time to be scared and that’s how they train you in the army.”

Teenagers Jack Saunders, who had the knife, and Tom Love, both 19, were sentenced to 19 and 11 months’ youth custody respectively last Friday. At sentencing, Judge Adele Williams praised Mr. Brown saying:

“Mr Brown behaved in a conspicuously brave and thoughtful way, reacting very quickly when confronted by these two men.’

I salute this former soldier for his time in service and his bravery against two THUG teenagers who haven’t learned the art if being respectful.

Times are dangerous for the elderly because the youth of today doesn’t respect adults or authority but I am so glad Mr. Brown didn’t get hurt. Share this story on facebook and twitter and drop us a comment on how you felt about this incident.

H/T – Daily Mail