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Unbelievable Show of Patriotism (You’ll Never Believe How it Got There!)


In Idaho, a flag is flying proudly on top of a giant ponderosa pine tree, and no one knows how it got there!

Illuminated by light, everyone driving along Interstate 90 is able to see it. And the Idaho Panhandle National Forest office has been getting plenty of calls about it:

“We have no idea how it got up there,” [Spokesman Jay] Kirchner said. “It’s on the tip-top of the tree and I can’t imagine it would hold the weight of a person holding onto it.”

The Idaho Panhandle National Forest sent its professional tree climbers to assess the tree the flag flies from in order to possibly remove the flag. However, Kirchner said even the professionals were hesitant to make the climb.

“It’s just too dangerous for them,” Kirchner said. “To get up on that skinny part of the tree that high up would just be too risky. Since it’s not hurting anything, we are going to leave it up there for now. It’s not worth the risk.”

Via CDAPress.com

To get an idea of just how high up the flag is, here is the picture from the ground:


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Comments on “Unbelievable Show of Patriotism (You’ll Never Believe How it Got There!)”

  1. Don says:

    Why even consider taking it down? Surely the flag won’t hurt the tree and this IS still America, last time I checked.