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Uncle Si Robertson Just Revealed His New Project After Duck Dynasty!

Uncle Si

Uncle Si Robertson is one of the stars of the hit show *Duck Dynasty” which attracts millions of viewers every week!

While Uncle Si is not as famous as Phil, he is still beloved by the show’s fans across the nation. Well, Uncle Si recently sat down with Fox 411 to promote his new book “Si-Renity” and revealed his plans after Duck Dynasty ends and it’s amazing!

Si revealed that he just completed shooting an additional episodes of “Duck Dynasty” and in one of the episodes he went “to Nashville to get into the music business. I’m really going to do that OK? I have a musical career that I’m trying to start right now. I sing country music. George Jones, Merle Haggard, the old guys. Trying to bring real country music back.”

In addition to having a love of country music, Robertson revealed that he has been paying attention to the upcoming presidential election, but his candidate of choice may surprise you:

I’ve been looking at it. They asked me who I was going to vote for, and I said I’m gonna vote for God as President. First of He cannot lie, second He’s going to do what’s right because he loves the United States of America because He’s been with us since the founding of it and then plus that’s the truth of the matter. That’s the standard you should use.

Despite all of the success he has achieved through Duck Dynasty, Si stressed that his faith is still the most important part of his life and how the show has actually brought him closer to God:

Take Make-A-Wish Foundation. These kids are dying of cancer, and the last thing they want do is see me or my brother or Willie or Sadie. They’re dying and their last wish is to see the Robertsons, and that’s amazing to us… and it’s happened to all of us. We’ve said a prayer for them, and then the Almighty healed ’em. It’s a pretty neat thing to watch God’s work.

Si is a truly wonderful man who tries his best to serve God every day! We hope he continues to star in Duck Dynasty for years to come!

Do you have a favorite moment of Si’s from Duck Dynasty? Share your opinions with us below! 

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