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University of MD Muslim Group Stops American Sniper Screening on Campus; Americans Are Outraged!

american sniper

The Muslim population is less then 2% of the USA, but seem to keep getting their way in cancelling the showing of American Sniper on some college campuses.

Many Americans including myself are sick of the small minority being so sensitive and so self-righteous to the values and traditions of our great country. These Muslim groups will not call out the killing of Christians in countries abroad by groups such as ISIS, Boko Harem, al-Shabbab, al Qaeda, The Taliban, Hamas and Hezbollah? We never seem to hear from them.

Watch Todd Starnes report on this development:

These young and immature Muslim college kids should try and clean their own house before trying to shut down a movie about an American soldier. We have to ask an important question to them: “What is their loyalty to the USA?”

If I were President of the University of Maryland or any other college within the United States, we would be showing American Sniper and that’s the bottom line. Those that disagree do not have to show up for the screening to be insulted.

Some Americans took to social media to express their contempt for pulling the movie

H/T – Fox News


Comments on “University of MD Muslim Group Stops American Sniper Screening on Campus; Americans Are Outraged!”

  1. Sharon says:

    Well, the fact that the Muslims are offended offends ME! This is MY country, & if they don’t like it, they can leave, & go back to whatever hole they crawled out of. Chris didn’t go out of his way looking for Muslims to shoot, he shot those who were trying to attack OUR military. And, if they don’t want people associating them with the jihadists, then they need to come out, & condemn them every time they murder somebody. This offends me as much, or maybe more, than the Supreme Court ruling that the school had the right to MAKE students not wear, or show an American flag on Cinco de Mayo. Same thing to those people, don’t let the door hit ya, where the Good Lord split ya, on your way back to Mexico!