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UNLEASHED: Hillary Attacked Donald Trump… Let’s Just Say It Didn’t Go Well For Her!


At a gathering for the National Council of La Raza, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took a few shots at Donald Trump over his immigration remarks.

Clinton told the Hispanic advocacy group that Trump’s comments were “appalling,” and that she had “enough” of his denouncing “people you and I know.” Instead of using the actual English word ‘enough,’ she said “Basta!”

But pandering to pro-illegal groups by attacking Trump may not have been her best choice, because now the real estate mogul has fired back.

Trump took to social media and unleashed, referring to Clinton as a ‘desperate, sad, failing candidate,’ who should “spend more time producing her illegally hidden emails.”


His full Facebook statement:


Trump previously blasted Clinton for calling his comments on illegal immigration “inflammatory.”

He said the U.S. “had better get smart or we’re not going to have a country.”

Trump added, “If that is incendiary — if that’s being tough or being unfair, you let me know. But I think having borders and having strong borders — and I mean strong borders — I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Americans have had “enough” of pro-illegal Democrats, and Trump’s rise in the polls after allegedly making inflammatory comments is demonstrating just that.

Comment –  Looks like Hillary really struck a nerve with Trump! Is his opinion of her valid?



  1. Rick says:

    Fawk Hilarious Clinton. She’s doing a major face plant. Her ego is the size of Texas and it’s gratifying as all hell to watch it getting deflated daily.

  2. Dennis says:


  3. Fred says:

    I have never really been a fan of Trump
    ,but i am beginning to have a different opinion of him. He is making statements that people have wanted to hear for some time.
    The police need more backing and we need more control on immigration .
    I would not want to be in a policeman shoes now. They are not respected and have to many restrictions on what they can and can’t do.

  4. Fredrick says:

    “A Group of people become powerful for some reason or other, and enter other territories. They expand and grow, accepting new ideas and changing to meet new challenges. They reach a point where their culture seems to codify and resist change. No more are they amenable to change and resist newcomers and new ideas. They build fortifications on their borders and often a wall between the fortifications”

    Sounds like Gerard’s political masters in D.C.

    The raging university campus commandos of the 60’s who screeched and demanded their peers to ‘question authority’ are now gray haired tenured diktats in the same universities. This time they demand 1984-like obedience.

    Look at the Obama’s. No respect for law. And no criticism of anything muslim. Yes, we are in a weakened state, but Gerard sees nothing wrong with it? And the elephant in the room?

    Open borders bringing in the starving and illiterate peasant millions of Mexico. There are your invaders. Solid democrat voters.

  5. La says:

    Trump is 100% correct, a few FACTS (Bill Clinton’s wife wouldn’t know what that means but…):

    • At least 121 murders committed by criminal aliens released by the federal government since 2010
    • 168,680 convicted criminal aliens who have been issued final orders for removal walk free in the U.S.
    • 179,018 convicted criminal aliens currently in removal proceedings walk free in the U.S.
    • In the first 8 months of 2014, 8,100 deportable illegal aliens, including 3,000 felons, were released after arrest in approximately 300 sanctuary cities after ICE had issued a detainer seeking custody
    • In the first 5 months of FY2015, only 181 companies were investigated by the federal government for hiring illegal workers compared to 3,000 in FY2013

  6. Pete says:

    It’s amazing that people as completely obtuse as Gerard here actually think the way they do.
    Gerard, please, do us all a favor – whatever it takes, try to cultivate a second brain cell, because the single one you now have is screaming for mercy.
    Your entire comment is laughable drivel, with not so much as a single credible fact included.
    Are you really trying to say that these illegals who, as Trump accurately claimed are lessening our country, will become more powerful than REAL Americans and they will take over?
    Are you really that delusional?
    The people Trump is talking about are the worst of the worst, the scum, the vermin, the lifelong criminals with no moral or ethical codes, they have no remorse for their violence, nor have they any concern for the lives of others.
    They are EXACTLY who Trump says they are, and only a fool would deny that.
    These are the people he wants to keep out.
    Maybe you oughta take a breath, step down off your high horse, stop trying to act as though you’re educated and know what you’re talking about and just sit there.

  7. Gerard says:

    Trump is the loser who will cost us our country not Hillary. Trump and his ilk are ignorant of History and are busy repeating one of the biggest mistakes a country, city state or even an empire can make. After reviewing the history of empires, city states and countries through history, I have noticed a pattern.
    A Group of people become powerful for some reason or other, and enter other territories. They expand and grow, accepting new ideas and changing to meet new challenges. They reach a point where their culture seems to codify and resist change. No more are they amenable to change and resist newcomers and new ideas. They build fortifications on their borders and often a wall between the fortifications. Others, sometimes envious of their power and wealth or simply admiring them try to enter and are repulsed. Eventually those trying to get in become powerful enough to force their way in and end up destroying the older culture and peoples they once were envious of and admired. They adopt much of the ways of those peoples and then follow a similar course of growth, prosperity, change and acceptance to they too reach a point where they no longer accept new ideas and change. They stop growing, prosperity and moral declines, they try to keep others out, in vain. A new people come and conquer them, take many of their ideas then start on their own path. It has happened time and time again in the past. As long as people are open to new ideas, change and accept others they prosper and grow, as soon as they stop they have sealed their doom.

  8. Toodumtu says:

    Hell yeh, The Butcher of Benghazi knows about the illegal immigrant problem here in the States. She is braying how she does, only to get the vote. No way does she have a plan to put a stop to the bullshit coming across the open border.
    At least Trump will build a fence and enforce the existing immigration laws in place now. How in the world anyone could take what she brays to be honest, i’ll never understand. She has a history of not telling the truth, let alone telling it like it is.

  9. sean says:

    Leadership isn’t about not offending people. Leadership is about finding out the cause of a problem, then fixing it. Killary has no clue how to fix a political mess, but she has plenty of experience creating them then passing the buck.

  10. Adrian says:

    Trump has struck a chord and HIllary has hit a rock. Trump may be a bit crude with words, but he is not without truth, as is Hillary. What both are forgetting is that about half of the Mexicans here are legal and not happy to see all these criminals coming in to prey on them and poison the well.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for brevity.

  11. Michael says:

    On this point, Trump is right, we need leadership, not ‘tone’. At leadt there is someone out there ready to raise the tough issues…not walk out and expect a coronation. Should be interesting…