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Unreal: MSNBC Guest Warns America Is On the Verge of “Genocide” of “Black Boys”

In an absolutely unwarranted display of racial hysteria, MSNBC contributor Michelle Bernard warned that America is such a racist country, that we are on the verge of a “genocide” of “black boys” and African-American men.

Her statement came during a Hardball segment in which the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson and criticism of Obama was being debated.

To nobody’s surprise, host Chris Matthews did nothing to call out Bernard for the hyperbolic rhetoric.

Via Mediaite (h/t Weasel Zippers):

On Hardball Monday, MSNBC contributor Michelle Bernard said the U.S. is on the verge of experiencing a “genocide” of young black men. …

“I don’t have an answer that is palatable to be able to look my children in the face and say there are people in this country who– not only do not like African-Americans, but they despise black men,” Bernard said. “There is a war on black boys in this country. In my opinion, there is a war on African-American men.” […]

“I hope so,” Bernard said, “because this is, it’s going to turn into a genocide if it doesn’t stop.”

NewsBusters has the transcript, and also provides the video below…

Why does Bernard think America is so focused on a hatred of African-American men?  Let’s take a look at her own words

Quite frankly, the election of Barack Obama I think was one of the greatest political events I will ever see in my lifetime, but the country has become more race conscious in terms of color and in terms of ethnicity since he was elected.

Racial tension has grown worse under President Obama?  Oops.



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  6. Colin says:

    It’s high time white people stopped being tolerant!

  7. Thomas says:

    This woman has it all wrong and to say she didn’t know how to answer her kids when they ask will they get shot !!! Hell teach them to respect the law and not become a thug for starters. …there’s a lot of whites being killed by blacks but we don’t go and burn the town and loot all the stores ..

  8. Mike says:


  9. Vickie says:

    This is the most caustic, incendiary thing for any irresponsible news outlet to print.

  10. Roy says:

    First. How can these rioters call them self’s AFRICAN Americans? Are they not Americans, born in America? I see them as BLACK Americans. They need to change their mindset.If the Blacks want change they need to vote, not riot, loot , and kill.

  11. Billy says:

    Read the biography of CHRIST JESUS and then read the biography of MOHAMMED, now look at the followers of each. What do you see?

    1. Billy says:

      You are following one or the other.

  12. Drew says:

    Look lady ,you don’t use physical force on a cop without expecting to get shot. And you never heard of the knockout game or polar bear hunting? Too many of you black people think in only one direction. That’s why you reelected Obama. Only because he’s black. Forget common sense. And the bad thing is,is that you actually look intelligent.

  13. Wade says:

    What an idiot. There is no war on black boys. Black boys may be at war with the world, but for the most part the majority tries to ignore them until they leave no choice but self defense. Many more white men are killed than blacks. Blacks murder almost double the amount of whites than the other way around. And for such a small percentage of the population 20% of the people, (AA), commit 80% of all crime? Tell your kids the truth! What do you mean you don’t know what to tell them? Tell them that their mother is a fool and to go google so they won’t grow up as ignorant as you!

  14. Lenny says:

    <Laughing here ha ha ha MSNBC is like does it still exist?….Are you sure? who is subsidizing it? The three people who watch it….Like…have they ever met each other?…..Like when they get enough tampons…does Chris Mathews pick them up…or does someone drop them off for him? Which bathroom does Maddow use? Does Chris Mathews race her for the one stall? What happens when Maddow leaves the seat up? Does Mathews get mad and yell.? Does Mathews have a cheese cake pic of Obama in his top draw? Is there a bunch of used tissue, on the floor, around Chris Mathews desk?

  15. Jimmy says:

    One person doesn’t make it GENOCIDE! More Youth Have Died in Chicago Than in Afghanistan …
    Jun 26, 2012 – More youth have died in Chicago this year than Afghanistan (144 to 228) ….. Young blacks don’t care about lliving much less about life and they ..
    .I would call that GENOCIDE!
    And in this case when the facts are known you will see that he was the aggressor!

  16. Dianne says:

    if black parents want teach their black boys to be respectable men instead of theiveing cop beating thugs and lazy ass boys they would most likely live longer and as for as OBAMAHOS muslum ass goes he is a joke and the people who support him are bigger jokes THIS Woman is clearly an idiot

  17. DiveMaster says:

    History has shown the world that black people have proven to be the most violent and the quickest to riot and loot. This lady is a race baiter. All she is doing is getting the racist blacks in a heated frenzy. She should be charged with inciting violence. There are more white people killed by blacks in America than whites killing blacks. Nobody ever talks about black on black or hispanic on black. Ask any officer in any major city which race of people commit the most crimes, assault the most people, kill the most, run from the law or fight with the police. I have asked. I was not surprised with the answer. Why is it dangerous for other races to enter a black neighborhood and not a white neighborhood? Learn your history people. Get the facts. Don’t just ingest the lies that the news feeds you. Get out there and start asking the questions. This country is collapsing under ignorance because of the kind of stupidity such as this lady is trying to convince you the masses. Wake up people.

  18. Its white Marxists that have Community organized this riot, and white Liberal media pushing the fraud. It white intellectual psychopaths that programmed this woman’s head with a mentally ill program.

  19. Rani says:

    OMG…..this idiot cannot be for real! Black people have and have had equal standing in the United States with the same responsibilities as White people! Problem seem’s to be with the moral and ethical values that children are raised with!

    For instance, this (BLACK)man robbed a store….that makes him a criminal! The (BLACK) man attacked the police officer and injured him! The (BLACK) man had drugs in his system. The whole responsibility rest on the thoughts, actions and deeds of this (BLACK) man who made several bad, bad choices in a row and it cost him his life! What does the rest of the (BLACK) people do? They use the poor choices of this one (BLACK) man as an excuse to steal, damage and harm truly innocent people….and you have the nerve to cry victim??? Go get a real life and a real job! RACE BAITER’s are showing just how far they will go to divide our nation and our people! The answer…teach your children responsibility, respect and moral behavior! The streets are not the best education system for young neglected children, white or black!

  20. Dexter says:

    Who are promoting Racial Discord? Barry Soetoro, Jessie Jackson, Eric Holder, and Al Sharpton are at the top of stiring up Racial Tension, along with MSNBC.

    1. Dexter says:

      The Black Leaders are stirring the racial tension pot.

  21. Jeff says:

    You have to wonder why the President didn’t make any comments on the James Whitehead shooting (black officer, white unarmed veteran).
    The black community is prone to ‘frenzies’ (remeber Trayvon Martin). Let’s hope someday they realize the violence is coming from within and will take steps to control it.

  22. Camille says:

    Black men kill Black men. Where is the outrage? Is it a white man’s fault that blacks kill blacks? No.
    I am going to predict that the presure from the White House will get Wilson fired. By the way, Brown was not the little kid. He was an adult.

    Let’s wait and see what other information is revealed.

    1. Kevin says:

      Democraps can be real idiots. They forget who got President Obama elected, white people. If it was a Black vs White vote he would have lost both times.