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UNREAL! Watch These Liberal Students Stop This Journalist From Reporting Their Protest!

Take a look at the reality of the radical Leftists that have taken charge of the University of Missouri. Today, after succeeding in forcing out the University President, they tried to create a “Media Free Zone” where their supporters would not have to face scrutiny and questions from the media. Watch as they try to keep a reporter from doing his job.

It’s ironic that a University known for its Journalism School is now run by a radical group that tries to keep the media from asking questions and taking photos in public places.



Kudos to this brave photographer who stood his ground. I think MU Football Coach Gary Pinkel and Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon ought to be asked if they support this behavior, since they threw the MU President under the bus in the face of these radical protesters.

Check out this video report:

What did you think of this photographer standing up for what he believed in? Do you think this is getting out of control? Share your comments below and add this to our social media timeline for discussion among your friends and family.

Via Weasel Zippers