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An Unstoppable Pair as Homecoming King and Queen (VIDEO)

At Dunwoody High School in Georgia, students showed real school spirit during the Homecoming football game.

This year’s Dunwoody High School senior homecoming court — ten candidates for Homecoming Queen and ten candidates for King — beamed like the sun under the Friday night lights.

That number included two special needs students their fellow seniors nominated: Hannah Keen, who has Down’s syndrome, escorted by her big brother D.R.; and Gus Ashbury. He’s a student with autism, escorted by his mother, Mamie.

It was two weeks ago when the whole school — 1,200 DHS students — voted for Queen and King, choosing from among all 20 candidates on the ballots.

The results were announced at halftime. It turns out the voting was not even close.

The student body elected Hannah Keen and Gus Ashbury the school’s Homecoming Queen and King by a landslide.

“It’s big! It’s huge!” Hannah said. “I’m happy,” said Gus.

Via 11 Atlanta

Watch as the crowd cheers for them both! What a great couple.