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Update On Naval Hospital Shooting Situation!


UPDATE ON THE Balboa Naval Hospital Situation via CNN

(CNN)[Breaking news update, published at 1:38 p.m. ET]

Investigators have found “absolutely nothing” to substantiate a report that gunshots were fired in the basement of Naval Medical Center San Diego on Tuesday morning, Navy Capt. Curt Jones said.

However, authorities still are going though the building, and it will take a long time to finish their search, he said.

He said he’d characterize the person who made the report as “someone who thought they heard something and made reports.”

Is this another terrorist attack?

Another California medical facility is under attack!

SAN DIEGO – Workers at the Naval Medical Center San Diego have been told to shelter in place because of a possible active shooter, the facility reported.


The center posted that the shooter was believed to be in Building 26.

San Diego High School, Garfield High School and Roosevelt Middle School have all been locked down as a precaution because of their proximity to Naval Medical Center San Diego, said Linda Zintz, a spokeswoman for San Diego Unified Schools. “Parents should be reassured that their kids are safe and we are monitoring the situation closely,” Zintz said.

Via Fox 5 San Diego

Is this another terrorist attack?