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U.S. Army Uses Everyday Expression; Liberals Get Mad of Course

Last week, the U.S. Army sent out the following message via its Twitter account:

“Chinks in special ops’ digital and physical armor poses challenges, experts say.”

Now to you, me, and everyone else living in the reality-based community, this looks like the Army used a common phrase that is literally centuries old.

But for the perpetually angry racial activists always looking for a scandal de jour to get mad about, this was an outrageous racist tweet:

The tweet, you see, proved that the Army was insufficiently sensitive to Chinese-Americans, as the word “chink” is not only a commonly used noun meaning hole or crack, but also a racist term of abuse.

Now for anybody with an IQ in the double digits, the Army’s tweet was clearly not racist, but who cares about little things like facts when you can burnish your liberal politics in online:

.@USArmy uses racist term for Asians in headline! #inexcusable I’m waiting for an apology. @bjones @ArmyTimesTony pic.twitter.com/ArqsHUbrwJ

The Army quickly retreated from the field of battle and issued a groveling apology. But even this didn’t satisfy the mob:

The whole story has been covered by the good folks over at National Review.