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US Navy Seal Watches ISIS’ Training Video… His Reaction Is PRICELESS!

Don’t put any stock into the ISIS Seal training video. It’s nothing but propaganda and could get you killed, according to former Seal Jonathan Gilliam.

If you want to learn to fight and survive, follow Navy Seal training guidelines. If you want to be weak, stupid and unable to actually fight in real time scenarios with a bigger enemy, follow ISIS training guidelines.

Of course, ISIS doesn’t typically fight bigger enemies and usually chooses a coward’s path via suicidal missions. But according to this former Navy Seal, if ISIS ever did end up in close encounter tactical combat situations with Navy Seals, they wouldn’t stand a chance. At least, not if they actually train like they do in videos they leak online.

After the satire critique, he really critiques the ISIS training video which you can check out below:

Who better knows what to do and how to do it than a real US Navy Seal? This was a great learning moment. Share on twitter and facebook and drop us a line below in our comment section.

H/T – IJReviewJonathan T Gilliam