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VA Secretary Tells Vets To Call If They Need Him – Watch What Happens When Somebody Does Live On Air

VA Secretary

Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald gave out his personal cell phone number and email address at a press conference about a year ago. He later explained that he wanted to turn away from the scandal that marred the VA by “demonstrat(ing) to the employees at VA how we need to think about our customers.”

“We don’t hide from you,” McDonald said.  “We want you to call us.”

He reiterated that fact when he told Fox News hosts that a concerned vet could call his cell at any time.

So the crew over at Fox & Friends decided to test it out live on the air.

What happens if you’re a veteran in need of assistance from the VA secretary?

Watch for yourself …

Via the Daily Caller:

When hosts on the Fox News show called McDonald’s number live on the air Thursday, they found his voicemail box was completely full.

“The mailbox belonging to Bob McDonald is full at this time,” the message stated during co-host Steve Doocy’s call. “Please try again later.”

The hosts burst into laughter.

“Just like the VA,” said Doocy. “Just like the VA.”

Host Pete Hegseth went off on the secretary and the VA in general.

“Is there a more perfect and poignant example of the VA?” Hegseth asked. “Here’s my number, give it a call. I’ll help you out. I call, and the mailbox is full.”

He added, “That, America, is what our veterans face from the bureaucracy that says they care.”

Comment: Was VA Secretary McDonald giving out his cell phone a PR stunt, and should the man leading a government organization marred with scandal be doing PR stunts?

How would you expect a veteran to respond to being told to ‘call this number’ but still be unable to get through? Do our vets deserve a little more than this?