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Your Kids’ Teachers Don’t Know Which Gender They Are!

vanderbilt pronouns

Well another university in America just bowed to liberal political correctness. You won’t believe this but Vanderbilt University issued nameplates that now include “preferred gender pronouns.” My God! What the heck is going on with this country?

Hey Vanderbilt, I’ll call you silly, delusional, even dumb as a box of rocks. A university used to be a place for the free exchange and debate of ideas, even divisive ideas. Our colleges have now become a location of indoctrination against reason, and a producer of literate but dysfunctional people who cry for their safe spaces. So I will call you fraudulent and horribly expensive, as well.

vanderbilt pronouns


The politically correct dumbing down of American college campuses continues. Vanderbilt University is the latest institution to engage in the absurdity this week after issuing nameplates stating employees’ preferred gender pronouns.

In addition to nameplates, Vanderbilt has recently displayed “pronoun posters” throughout campus with explanations of how to use pronouns when addressing people. One section of the poster states:

“When introducing yourself, offer your name and pronouns – even to familiar colleagues and students.” An example reads, “I’m Steve and I use he/him/his pronouns. What should I call you?”

Another section of the poster asks for students to include their preferred pronouns in their email signature as well as when signing their class syllabus.

Aside from teaching 18-to-21-year-old students how to use pronouns like she, he, and they – Vanderbilt also suggests using gender-neutral pronouns like ze, zir, zirs, hir, and hirs.

“Ze is a real leader on campus,” the poster reads. “I support zir in the classroom by honoring zirs pronouns.”

Even if students were to participate in these methods of communication, the correct grammatical usage in the latter example would be “zir’s,” not “zirs.” Unless we find apostrophes offensive, nowadays.

The pronoun poster even recommends “substituting language such as everybody, folks, or this person for gender binary language: ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, he or she.”

Yes, it seems we have finally reached a point where “ladies and gentlemen” is now offensive.

Watch what is happening with Yale University:

I wouldn’t even use those ridiculous made up words at all. Why give the university license to censor your free speech? They’ll just take that as an excuse to subdue and continue to alter your language.

As for this switch from she to ze, all they did was replace the SH with a Z.

And Sir replaced with zir? Again the same thing. It’s as if they dug deep into their inner kindergarten imagination to invent these absurdities.

And to think Vanderbilt used to be a place for “higher” education; now, obtuse “indoctrination.” There is no “reasoning” in something mandated without reason. Don’t waste your money, there. The liberal monkeys are running that zoo!

What do you think about these new practices by this prominent university? Do you think they have gone too far? Share your voices in the comment section below and let us know what you feel.