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What’s Happening in Venezuela Right Now PROVES Socialism Fails


“But that wasn’t TRUE communism/socialism.”

How often have you heard that statement when pointing out the failure of a socialist or communist state like the USSR?

To find a “true” socialist/community country, you don’t have to look further than various Latin American nations. In fact, most of South America has flirted with socialism at one time or another.

Let’s take Venezuela as an example. It completely meets the dictionary definition of socialism: that the government has control over the means of production (land, labor, capital). Not only that, the nation is blessed with vast oil reserves and other natural resources, which in theory should give them everything they need to fund their socialist government.

As I said.. that’s in theory…

The only country in South America to go against the grain was Chile. Its economic policies were influenced by American libertarian/conservative economist Milton Friedman in the 1980s. And what a difference it’s been.

H/T Unbiased America

It’s always liberals saying we should learn from other countries, and when it comes to socialist countries, it’s exhibit A in “what not to do.”

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