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No Other GOP Candidate Has An Overseas Farm That Produces THIS!


I am a Donald Trump supporter, but this is hilarious!

The GOP frontrunner has never told anyone that he grows his toupees overseas. I am sure some of his rival candidates would’ve loved to know that information so they can use it in a web ad to show even Trump outsources the smallest of things.

My wife told me about this story about a farm overseas that grew Trump wigs. As I sit here and type this story out, I am laughing and trying to compose myself so I can finish the piece.

When I first opened up the website, and I saw the above picture I have to admit I was shocked and confused. I did not know if it was a joke but I did know it wasn’t real because that is Trump’s real hair. But after I watched the video I couldn’t contain my laughter and then decided I had to do a story about this.

From AOL.com:

Posted by Norway’s VGTV, the viral video claims to have found the answer to his hairy secret, showing what appears to be a flourishing field of fresh Trump toupees.

The video notes that the ‘wigs’ in question are grown on the northern island of Kalvøya, explaining that the cold climate makes them stronger, thicker, and fuller.

After getting all their punchlines in, the video later goes on to explain that the wigs in question are actually just bunchgrass, a common plant native to the island.

Because of the uncanny resemblance, the hair-larious 55-second clip has accumulated over 12 million views in only four days.

Check it out below.

There’s a lot of bad blood going on between the two campaigns and sometimes you need to interject some comedy or some fun to remind everybody that everything is not so serious. Yes we live in a period where our country is at stake and yes we do have to defeat the Liberal agenda, sometimes you need to take time to laugh at ourselves.

After watching this video what did you think? Did you laugh, did you think it was funny? Do you think the GOP front runner well laugh if you watch this? Share this funny video on your Facebook or Twitter page.

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