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Veteran Confronts Man Wearing Fake Army Uniform, Demands He Take It Off


Yet another case of ‘stolen valor’ in Florida, as a man claiming to be a homeless veteran and wearing an army uniform is confronted by an actual vet who demands, “You take our uniform off!”

Garrett Goodwin noticed the man who was holding a sign that said he’s a homeless veteran who needs help. Goodwin happens to work for an organization that helps out veterans in need, so he went to talk to the man.

Within minutes Goodwin knew that something wasn’t right based on their conversation.

Via My Fox Tampa Bay:

The man is holding a sign that says he’s a homeless veteran and he needs help. It just so happens that Goodwin helps organizations who reach out to veterans in need, but minutes into the conversation, he says he knew something was up.

“That’s my uniform! My brothers died in that uniform,” you can hear him say on the video.

In fact, he told FOX 13 that he’s burying a friend — a Marine who died of cancer — and that’s one of the reasons why he reacted so strongly.

“Take that and throw it away!” he screams at the man. “Don’t put it back on.”

“I was angry. I was frustrated. I was sad,” Goodwin said.


FOX 13 News

As he was being chased on foot by Goodwin, the imposter actually did as he was told – he began taking the uniform off.

“Not on my watch. Not yesterday. Not today. Not tomorrow,” Goodwin said.



  1. Buster says:

    There is nothing more despicable than stolen valor. And it seems to be happening to often these days. I do enjoy watching the Vets call these bums out.

    1. Rob says:

      I love watching vets take on these guys. You know the guy wet himself