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Check Out How This Veteran Is Exposing The VA for Everyone to See! Will It Work?


Roger Gagnon is putting his money where his mouth is to support his felling veterans. Tired of the ongoing Veterans Administration scandal, the Marine veteran has paid for billboards exposing the fact that vets are dying waiting for care at the VA.


While the Obama Administration focuses on gay marriage, hundreds of thousands of veterans have died awaiting care at the VA. Gagnon was told to see a specialist within 3 days but had to wait 3 months. And the lagging care he has received is pretty standard.

Gagnon has been helping other veterans on the Facebook group VA IS LYING. His billboard is drawing attention to the group and the poor care they receive after serving our country.

Gagnon hopes to shame the VA and the federal government into fulfilling the promises made to the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms.

If you put up a billboard to get President Obama’s attention, what would it say? Please join the discussion.

H/T: Q Political



  1. Carol says:

    As an elderly person, I know a LOT of veterans. And none of them have had a complaint about VA. They all brag how wonderful their care, doctors and nurses are.

  2. LaRae says:

    our government is without shame, morals, conscience, or values. they are a shameful bunch of over paid, stuffed shirts who do not deserve their paychecks

  3. Peter says:

    As a Vietnam era disabled Marine Corps Veteran that has been a patient for 45+ yrs. the care that I received from the VA is greatly appreciated and better than any I could have received from Mayo, Northwestern ect. Sure the wait times are long, but understandable with all the Vet’s they have to take care of. I’m sick and tired of hearing complaints about the VA, especially from people that never served. All I can say is “THANK YOU” VA for giving me the ability to live a somewhat normal life. You don’t deserve all the idiotic nonsense that is spewed by ungrateful veteran’s. Also if the Republican legislators would stop voting against every bill that would benefit our vet’s the healthcare system would improve even more than it does now, but again the care I get is outstanding. Republican punks like Trump and draft dodger Ted (poop stain) Nugent should just shut the hell up. They have no clue about the VA and the care given to our patriotic men and women vet’s.

    1. Carol says:

      Any veteran, at any time, can go to the emergency hospital room if they are in need immediately. No one needs to drop dead from lack of care. This guy has money for billboards but not money to go see a doctor? I think this “VA is lying Group” sounds like a scam to me.