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Veteran Lost His Life Protecting 70 Hostages from ISIS; This Video Shows The Daring Rescue – EPIC!


Army Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler, 39, of Roland, Oklahoma, was killed during the raid, officials said. He was the first American to die in combat since the US launched Operation Inherent Resolve last year.

The nation owes an enormous debt to those whose bravery and valor in battle determine the outcome of the struggle for freedom. Master Sergeant Wheeler was reported to be among the best and bravest.

He is the first United States casualty in the war with ISIS and he’s been laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetary.


According to the Washington Post:

The raid, led by Kurdish Peshmerga special forces and supported by elite U.S. Delta Force soldiers, resulted in the death of Army Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler, who was shot while moving to help pinned-down Kurdish forces. Wheeler was the first American killed in combat in Iraq since the last war there ended in 2011.

The video, filmed by a camera on what appears to be a Kurdish soldier’s helmet, appears to show Delta operators and Kurdish forces operating side by side, wearing similar uniforms and equipment. The entirety of the footage appears to be shot from inside the compound and in one scene an Islamic State flag is pictured clearly on the wall.

Evident from the four-minute clip is the the professionalism of the joint force as they move methodically through the compound, searching hostages and moving them, most likely, to the waiting helicopters for extraction. The searches, while seeming redundant, are more than likely to ensure that the enemy hasn’t infiltrated the prisoner population with a suicide vest or other weapon. Also noticeable is the lack of suppressors on a lot of the weapons. Usually a staple of night raids, the lack of ‘silencers’ on the weapons points to what type of fight the Kurds and Americans might have expected on the ground — one that wouldn’t call for discretion.

The raid received massive public attention after video of the assault went public:

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