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When This Veteran Posted A Suicide Note On Facebook, A Miracle Happened


James Child is one of our heroes. After spending 33 months in Iraq and Afghanistan, the veteran suffered from PTSD and felt his life was no longer worth living. He posted a goodbye note on Facebook and stopped responding to his friends.

But one woman who he had never met wouldn’t give up. Mary Dague learned from a friend about Child’s farewell note. She immediately called him and when he wouldn’t answer, she would try again. She also texted him. After two hours, he finally responded and they talked for hours.

Mary understands the challenges James faces. She is a veteran who lost both her arms while dismantling a bomb. She wouldn’t give up on James and the two had an immediate connection that saved his life.

The two met in person a year after that first phone call. You’ll want to watch the video of these two friends initial encounter in person.

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Comments on “When This Veteran Posted A Suicide Note On Facebook, A Miracle Happened”

  1. Irene says:

    I’m so glad she helped him and he didn’t take his LIFE.