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Cartoon DESTROYS Obama’s Terrorism “Strategy”

Is President Obama serious about taking down terrorism? Most doubt it. To him the most pressing issue and EVEN THE REASON ISIS EXISTS is because of “climate change”.

Yep. ISIS exists not because of radical jihad, but the fact that ice caps are “melting”.

And this cartoon PERFECTLY puts Obama’s “plan” in its place!



According to our Commander-in-Chief, the man in charge of the greatest military EVER known to man, the way we beat ISIS is by fighting “climate change”. If we’d just stop “polluting” aka creating American energy and American jobs, then ISIS will just wither away. Unbelievable!

And the real enemy to a lot of Democrats isn’t even ISIS; it is those who aren’t radical environmentalists!

Now Watch wacko SOCIALIST and Dem 2016 hopeful Bernie Sanders tell you more hysterical climate nonsense!

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