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VIDEO: This 4th Grader’s Speech on BBQ Will Leave You in Stitches


Sloan Finger is one passionate and well-spoken 4th grader! While most kids his age have few passions strong enough to propel them to the finals of public speaking competitions, Sloan has some things to tell you about what BBQ is, and what it is not.

Sloan is a native of Atlanta, and a local television station from his hometown reported on his speech,

He entered the 4-H Tropicana Public Speaking Contest in Tallahassee. The subject of his speech was something close to his heart — barbecue.

According to Sloan, “real barbecue is elusive.” He talked about how exactly it must be cooked, and he spent a good amount of time talking about what is not barbecue.

“People believe that by simply adding ‘barbecue sauce’ to the top of a meat, it makes it barbecue,” Sloan lamented in his speech. “And even at my old school, they made sloppy joes and called them barbecue sandwiches. Unfortunately, some kids believed them.”

After watching the video of his speech, which is made even cuter by his correct use of finger quotes, my only question is: why did he land in third place? A kid this knowledgeable, convincing and passionate clearly deserved the blue ribbon. If Sloan doesn’t end up in the restaurant business, he’s got quite the future as a politician if this speech is any indication of how convincingly he can give a stump speech.



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