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VIDEO: Army Drill Sergeant’s Response to Why a Recruit’s Gun Won’t Fire is HILARIOUS!

Joining the U.S. Army is serious work. Men and women are volunteering to risk their lives to keep America safe from terrorism.

But this recruit (below) was having a bad day. You will laugh out loud at the drill sergeant’s response to why the gun won’t fire. Too funny!

No wonder this has been viewed more than 1. 5 million times.



  1. Mark says:

    Welcome to President Pookie’s new Army. And these are the buffoons he plans to enforce Martial Law with? Good luck!

  2. George says:

    The Drill Instructor has a bit of a sense of humor, most likely the recruit never fired a fire arm before that moment, and the M-4 is just so shootable and the recoil is so light that I could see why one would wonder why it stopped ! Sure the Instructor was speaking in a loud and clear voice, rifle ranges are noisy places and he no doubt was wearing some hearing protection as well as the recruit! In that few second learning was taken place!