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VIDEO: Bus Driver Takes Action After No One on a Crowded Bus Gives a Seat to a Mother Holding a Baby

Watch (above) as security video captures a scene on a crowded bus in Chile, South America, when a mother carries her child on board. What happens next is all too common on public transportation this day in age: No one offers her a seat! Where is everyone’s manners?

But that’s when the bus driver stands up as a symbolic gesture to offer his seat to her. And that’s his way of informing the entire bus they will not be moving until someone offers this mother a seat. Finally, a passenger in the back (video in the top, right corner) gives up her seat.

Too often, we can be wrapped up in our own lives and forget to care about others. But in a civilized world, everyone you meet should be treated with respect. And this wise bus driver taught everyone a valuable lesson.