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VIDEO: Comedy Central Mercilessly Mocks Barack Obama in New Parody

Watch (above) this new parody from Comedy Central’s Key and Peele. Clearly, the executives at the network are not afraid of being audited by the IRS this year, as this simple sketch cuts to the heart of what a horrible President Barack Obama is.

Elected in 2008 as a post-racial president, few people realized he is actually a student of Saul Alinsky. That means, his whole career – starting during his days as a community organizer – is based off of racial tensions. We see this manifested today in how prejudiced Obama’s Justice Department is when investigating voter ID laws and police shootings across the country.

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Comments on “VIDEO: Comedy Central Mercilessly Mocks Barack Obama in New Parody”

  1. Daniel says:

    After seeing that, and having actually met obama – THANK GOD I am WHITE.