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VIDEO: A Day in the Life of a European Jew


Over the weekend, the situation for Europe’s Jews went from bad to worse. A shooting in a synagogue in Copenhagen, Denmark took the life of a 37-year old volunteer guard. Known as an ‘amazing guy’, he lost his life protecting a community celebrating a bat mitzvah inside.

Meanwhile elsewhere in Europe, graves in a Jewish cemetery were defaced in Eastern France. Several headlines attributed the defacement to “tensions in the area,” as if dead Jews could somehow stir up tensions. What is taking place in Europe is the reemergence of a viral kind of Antisemitism not seen since the days of Hitler.

A reporter for the liberal Israeli paper Haaretz decided to test the waters to see just how bad it is for Jews, many of whom are applying for residency in Israel in light of recent incidents. The result, a short video you can watch below, is what happened to this young man wearing the traditional garb of a Modern Orthodox Jew: a kippah (yarmulke) and tzitzit (fringes).

What happened? The results were sadly predictable. The young man was sneered at, spit upon, stalked walking through side streets by a sniveling man hissing “Jew.”

Comment below: Do you think Jews should stay in Europe to combat Antisemitism or flee to Israel?