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Video: Hands Up Don’t Shoot Was Media’s Lie

hands up

A new video from the Media Research Center shows exactly who was at the forefront of the ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ narrative that eventually was revealed to be a flat-out lie by the Justice Department.

The video dares to ask, “How did a false narrative become the media’s story?”

Through a series of news clips and commentary, they then demonstrate just how that false narrative developed and spread throughout the news networks.

It then ends by answering their own question: How did a false narrative become the media’s story?

“They were never after the truth.”

Journalism it seems, has become about telling fanciful tales rather than reporting facts.

Perhaps Fox News host Megyn Kelly said it best when she slammed those who rushed to a flawed judgment in the Michael Brown case, and hammered politicians and pundits for spreading a provably false lie.

“Enough is enough,” Kelly said. “Institutional racism is a real problem, but fanning the flames, rushing to judgment and failing to provide context is also deeply problematic and dangerous. And it needs to stop.”

Watch the video below…

Indeed, the media needs to stop perpetuating myth as fact, stop inciting violence in communities that already experience racial tensions, and stop giving cover or justification for the actions that took place in New York or Ferguson, where police officers were viciously attacked because of the ‘hands up don’t shoot lie.’

Do you agree or disagree?